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Welcome to's contact page. is a spiritual successor to the incredible contributions of Roy Beardmore to the engineering community. His painstaking cataloguing of everything from Eye Bolt sizings to Stress Corrosion processes has created an encylopedia used my thousands of engineers across the world every day.

Sadly we lost Roy in 2013 but his work managed to carry on until early 2019 when his original website finally stopped working.

We are a small group of engineers who don't want Roy's contribution to our community to be lost. We want to take what he started, and taking a new open source approach to Roy's work, not only allow his work to live on, but to grow as the community he gave so much to is finally able to give a little back.

We are at the very beginning of our open-source journey. At the moment we are still getting the processes all set up. It will be a long road to get everything set up, but it is our hope that together, thanks to Roy, we can all build something incredible.

- The RoyMech team

Contacting us

You can contact us at [email protected]