Engineering Material Links

I have included these sites as sources information useful for the selection of engineering materials.
I am updating this list on a regular basis

  1. Matweb.. American Site providing a searchable database of metals
  2. Key-To-metal An excellent site for non-ferrous metal class'ns and properties.- registration required for full access
  3. IDES ... A database of Plastic material data sheets
  4. ALFED... A Site devoted to Aluminium
  5. outokumpu... Information, Tables and Specification References on Stainless Steels
  6. CDA UK... Information, Tables and Specification References on Copper and its alloys
  7. BSSA... Stainless Steel Reference Site
  8. MEMs Clearinghouse... An extensive database of materials
  9. EAA1000... Useful Information about Corrosion /Galvanic Series etc
  10. titanex... Information on Titanium.
  11. Australian Stainless Steel Development Agency... Contains physical and mechanical properties
  12. Engineer On a Disc...A complete materials online course
  13. Steelspec ...The full access requires registration at some cost (�90/anum). Site includes a detailed list (UK + Euro )standards
  14. West Yorkshire Steel Co Ltd ...Reputable UK Steel Supplier, Site includes Material specifications
  15. Tufnol ...High performance plastic laminates
  16. ADI Treatments Ltd ...Experts in Austempered Ductile Iron manufacturing, castings and uses. Substantial reference information provided
  17. Design-Bites... .... Clear, informative, concise downloadable guides (for a small fee).