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Reference Standards

BS EN ISO 1234:1998Split pins
BS EN 22339:1992, ISO 2339:1986Taper pins, unhardened
BS 3673-4:1977Specification for spring retaining rings. Carbon steel circlips - metric series
BS EN ISO 8751:1998Spring-type straight pins. Coiled, light duty
BS EN ISO 8750:1998Spring-type straight pins. Coiled, standard duty
BS EN ISO 8748:1998Spring-type straight pins. Coiled, heavy duty
BS EN ISO 8752:1998Spring-type straight pins. Slotted, heavy duty
BS EN ISO 13337:1998Spring-type straight pins. Slotted, light duty

The most widely used standard for metric external circlips (DIN 471) and internal circlips (DIN472) have very similar dimensions to BS 3673 . The circlips in this site have been dimension in general accordance with the DIN standards.

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