Man Access Space Requirements

This page provides notes on Human Access Space Requirements

Man Access Space Requirements

This page includes a number of figures illustrating approximate man access requirement.  The dimensions are only for guidance and are based on USA adult male ( percentile).

Minimum Area Entry Widths
  • 0.330m to 0.45m .... Difficult For 1 Man
  • 0.450m to 0.6m .... Reasonable For 1 Man
  • 0.6m to 0.9m .... Good For 1 Man
  • > 0.9m .... Good For 2 Men

Body clearance for prone access

man prone

Body clearance for kneeling man

Man Kneel

Body clearance for crawling man
Man Crawl

Body clearance for squatting man

Maintenance reach levels
Maintenance Acces

Ramp Access


Step Ladders
Step Ladders



Links to Ergometric Sites
  1. DOE-HDBK-1140-2001 .. USA DOE - Pt. 3 Workspace, Storage and Workshop Design- Access and equipment design data (1.3MB pdf)