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Primary Forming Processes

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Casting Forging Extruding
Wire/ Tube Drawing Sintering Bending/Forming/Deep Drawing/Spinning

Comparison between processes

Note: The MAS link below.. (while it is still on line).. is a excellent tool for comparing processes and also includes details on individual process..

Process Economic Quantity Materials Size Range Minimimum
Sand Casting Small/Large Most Metals Small to Large 3mm
Die Casting
Large Al,Cu,Mg,Zn 1-60 kg 3mm
Die Casting
Large Al,Cu,Mg,Zn - 5kg 1mm
Centrifugal Casting Large Most Metals 50mm - 1m dia 3mm
Investment Casting Small/Large Most Metals 50g - 60 kg 1mm
Closed Die Forging Large Most Metals 150mm dia x 300mm 3mm
Hot Extrusion Large Most Metals 500mm dia 1mm
Hot rolling Large Most Metals Billets -
Cold rolling Large Most Metals Billets -
Drawing Small-Large Al,Cu,Zn,Ductile Steel 3mm-6m dia 0,1mm
Spinning Small-Large Al,Cu,Zn,Ductile Steel 3mm-4.5m dia 0,1mm
Sintering Large Fe,W,Bronze
Hard metals
0-4 kg 0,5mm

Links Providing information on Primary Process
  1. Manufacturing Advisory Service 2.0 ...A Process/Material Selection Tool ..Well worth a visit.. Takes time to download
  2. FIA Forging Facts;.. Forging Industry Association ..Page describing forging processes
  3. Library of Manufacturing;.. A complete document providing detailed info on all primary forming processes
  4. Selection of Manufacturing Process;.. Download with lots of useful notes

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