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Shear Stress vs Tensile Stress

Relationship between Shear stress and tensile Stress

Ultimate Tensile Strength = Su, Ultimate Shear Strength = Ssu, Tensile Yield Strength = Syp, Shear yield point = Ssyp
Note: The relationships below are very approximate for use only as an rule of thumb estimate if no other source of information is available...

Material Tensile-Relation Yield-Relation
Wrought Steel & alloy steel Ssu = Approx 0,75 x Su Ssyp = Approx 0,58 x Syp
Ductile Iron Ssu = Approx 0,90 x Su Ssyp = Approx 0,75 x Syp
Malleable iron -Pearlitic Ssu = Approx 1,0 x Su -
Wrought iron Ssu = Approx 0,83 x Su -
Cast Iron Ssu = Approx 1,3 x Su -
Copper/ & alloys (See Note below) Ssu = Approx 0,65 x Su -
Aluminium/ & alloys Ssu = Approx 0,65 xSu Ssyp = Approx 0,55 x Syp

References: Machine design Theory and Practice .A.D.Deutschman, W.A Michels & C.E. Wilson.. MacMillan Publishing 1975.
Machinery's Handbook 27 th ed.

Note: The original data is based generally on the reference above and I have completed a very crude review to confirm the information. The copper information is however very suspect..

For copper the reference above gives a value of Ssu = Approx 0,9 x Su...On reviewing a number of copper alloys there is a wide spread from about 0,5 to 0,9 the 0.9 applied to one leaded brass cast alloy.    I am tempted to remove copper from the table but as a very crude average I have simply changed the value to 0,65 please use with care or better still do not use...

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