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Thermodynamics-Turbine Vapour Cycle with Superheat on T-h Diagram

Steam cycle on Temp - Enthalpy Diagram

This cycle shows the stages of operation in a turbine plant with superheated steam.    The enthalpy reduction in the turbine is represented by F -> G .   The reversible process for an ideal isentropic (reversible adiabetic) is represented by F->G'.   This enthalpy loss would be (h g2 - h 2 ) in the reversible case this would be (h g2 - h 2s ).

The heat loss by heat transfer in the condenser is shown as G->C and results in a loss of enthalpy of (h2- hf2)or in the idealised reversible process it is shown by G'-> C with a loss of enthalpy of (h2s- hf2).

The work done on the water in extracting it from the condenser and feeding it to the boiler during adiabetic compression C-> D is (h d - h f2 ) = length M

The energy added to the working agent by heat transfer across the heat transfer surfaces in the boiler is (hg1 - hd ) which is approx.( h g1 - h f2 )

The Rankine efficiency of the Rankine Cycle AFG'CDEA is

The efficiency of the Real Cycle is

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