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Simplified Representation of Rolling Bearings

The figures below are in Rough accordance with BS EN ISO 8826 Part 2

Rolling Bearings

Rolling bearings can be shown as detailed views with the housings hatched in the sections.     These view would be similar to the views indicated in the bearing catalogues.     The standards also allow the bearings to be shown in a simplified way.    Some typical illustrations are shown below.    .

Single Row Ball and Roller bearings

Double Row Ball and Roller bearings

Single Row Spherical bearings

Double Row Spherical bearings

Anglular Contact Ball Bearings & Taper roller Bearings

Needle Bearing single row

Needle Bearing double row

Self- Aligning Needle Bearing singel row

Axial/Thrust Bearings

Axial/Thrust Bearings (Two rows)

Axial/Thrust Bearings with Spherical ring

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Drawing Page

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