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The shaping process was used in the early days of machine tools. Shaping machines are not widely used now.  Shaping produces flat surfaces by moving a single point cutting tool in a recprocating motion. The forward stroke is the cutting stroke the backward movement is completed at a faster velocity and includes the sideways feed motion. 

The shaping machine is a versitile machine able to produce flat surfaces , grooves, T-Slots, dovetails, and may be used to produce curved surfaces.

The size of components that may be machined is normally limited by the length of the stroke of the shaping machine which can vary up to a maximum of about 1500mm. (750mm is normally the maximum stroke ).  The shaping machine is not generally used as a production tool because of its slow cutting speed and the unproductive return stroke.



The motion of the shaper ram by use of the shaper mechanism.      Information on this motion is provided on webpage Reciprocating Motions.     The stroke length is changed simply by adjusting the length of the rotating arm (b) which drives the ram. The stroke position is changed by adjusting the position of the Drive point "A".

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