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Processes which remove metal from a workpiece can be broadly classified into three main groups i.e Chip Removal, Chipless removal and metal removed by heat.

Chip Removal Processes..

Machining Processes
Process Name/link... Notes
Automation Modern machine tools are generally controlled using CNC /DNC..
Drilling Drilling is the production of holes..
Turning The workpiece is rotated around its axis and a cutting tool is fed parallel to the axis to create a cylinder or at right angles to the axis to create a face
Milling Milling involves feeding the workpiece past a rotating cutter with cutting edges on its side or end or both
GrindingUsed to produce a good accurate surface finish...
ShapingUsed to produce flat surfaces by reciprocating tool motion...
PlaningUsed to produce flat surfaces by reciprocating Workpiece motion...
Saws Saws are used to cut short lengths of long sections..

Additional Notes
Cutting Tool Materials... Cutting Tool Materials..
Cutting Fluids... Cutting Fluids..

Links Providing information on Machining
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  3. Virtual Machine shop.. An excellent collection of lessons on Machine Shop Processes
  4. How to perfect a machining process.. Modern Machine Shop article - Very interesting
  5. Shopswarf.. A website devoting to machining information. Mainly USA -imperial data (Includes picture of Old Machine tools)
  6. Machining..IOWA state lecture notes ..Professor Molian
  7. Library of Manufacturing;.. A complete document providing detailed info on all primary forming processes
  8. HSE Safety at work;.. Document outlining the requirements for safe installation, maintenance and use of Machine tools

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