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Bolt Edge Distances

Edge Distances

Minimum Edge Distances as identified in BS 5950-1 2000 "Structural use of steelwork in building. Code of practice for design. Rolled and welded sections".

BS EN 1993-3 2005 supersedes this standard and the edge distances in this standard seem to be a bit less than the ones I have listed. However I have maintained my figures in line with the original version.

It must be stated that connections under tension with the end edge distance (b = 1,4 D) cannot withstand the full load that is possible with the bolted connection. An end distance of B = 2D is required to achieve this maximum strength.

Nominal Size (d) Clearance Hoe(D) Pitch (A) Min Edge(B) Min Edge(C)
M12 14 30 20 18
M16 18 40 26 23
M20 22 50 31 28
M24 26 60 37 33
M27 30 68 42 38
M30 33 75 47 42
M36 39 90 55 49

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