These Pages include various standards. To confirm the status of any standard, identify the replacement standard if it is obsolete and/or purchase the standard please use. It is also possible to become a BSI member and obtain copies of the Standards at much reduced prices.

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Information On Selected British Standard Steels

Important Notes:
All information on the linked pages has been interpreted from the relevent standard, books, other web sites, and leaflets. This information is of a general nature for initial guidance. Selection of materials for use must be by communication with the suppliers and by reference to the appropriate codes
The values below are not comprehensive and must be used with extreme care.    The properties are generally room temperature properties.    There are a siginficant number of conditions e.g. section, surface finish, temperature, method of processing etc which affect the properties.     These are not allowed for in the tables.

BS-EN-10025 steels BS-EN-10028 steels BS-EN-10083 steels BS-EN-10087 steels
BS-EN-10088 steels BS-EN-10130 steels BS-EN-10132 steels BS-EN-10149 steels
BS-EN-10213 steels BS-EN-10277 steels BS-EN-10293 steels  

Steel Selection links
  1. British Stainless Steel Association...Properties /Relevant Standards for Stainless Steels
  2. Material Cross Reference List..Coromant- Sandvik Comprehensive list of steels
  3. Key-To-Metal...An excellent reference site for steel classifications and properties.- registration required for full access
  4. West Yorkshire Steel Co Ltd ...Reputable UK Steel Supplier, Site includes Material specifications
  5. Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys...WNR (German/european) & UNS Numbering system lookup data
  6. Database of Steel and Alloy (Marochnik )...Database of Steels and Alloy (Russian,Ukraine etc)- Very useful for interested users
    European steels and Alloys ...Database of European Steels and Alloy and equivalents - Vast amount of useful information.****

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