Structural Engineering


This section includes outline notes and tables related to Structural and Civils Engineering.     The notes are not intended to enable detailed design and calculations . The notes are simply sufficient to provided background information for engineers /students to start off on a course of study or a project.    References and standards are listed which should be used for detail design work.    Links are provided as further useful sources of information.

In the UK construction industry building construction design is completed in accordance with a set of design standards identified as Eurocodes.    These codes are used by 28 european countries with local variations included in National Annexes.   

In the UK construction industry drawings are generally completed in accordance with
BS EN ISO 7519:1997..Technical drawings. Construction drawings. General principles of presentation for general arrangement and assembly drawings

The notes on this website are not yet in full accordance with the Eurocodes but references to the Eurocodes standards are provided on all of the pages, along with links to quality sources of information and example calculations.    Over time all of the notes will be modified to comply with the information provided in the Eurocodes.

The book identified at the top of this page includes useful detailed information on the design of concrete, steel, masonry and timber structural elements to British and Eurocodes standards and includes many examples useful to students and practicing engineers. .

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